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As a band we want our mission to be way bigger than just making music and entertaining people. We want to express the heart of God through our music and through the kind of events we are involved in. We know that God’s heart is for the poor, the lost and the broken, so we want that to be our focus too. "Give It All Back”  is a night of music and community to inspire giving back to those both near and around the world.

The "Give It All Back Night" can be integrated into an already existing event or can be designed as a stand-alone event with the focus on giving back to both your local and/or global cause, as well as impoverished children through Compassion International. Learn more about Compassion.

These events are an ideal opportunity to highlight a ministry or cause that you would like your congregation to get behind. The schedule for the evening can be customized to accommodate information that you or your leaders would like to communicate in person or via video.

We look forward to partnering with you!

- Thomas & Gary

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are you already hosting an event?

Here are some resources to help get the word out.

how can we work together?

Are you a church, ministry and/or a fan and want to bring Land of Color to your city? Here's how:

  • Leading Worship for Church Services

    • Add an Evening Concert

  • Men's Retreats, Youth Camps, Volunteer Appreciation, Conferences, etc.

  • Host a "Give It All Back" Concert

  • Host a "Give It All Back" House Show

    • Must be able to bring 30+ people and provide PA

  • Host a "Give It All Back" Event

    • Local Coffee Shop, Music Venue, College Campus, etc.



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Land of Color breathed fresh life into our worship community. Our people were quick to embrace Gary and Thomas who led well with humble hearts. Their visit was a great opportunity for me to invest in our people and has had a lasting impact on our worship culture.
I would highly recommend Land of Color to any church interested in having them to lead worship or to perform a concert. Gary and Thomas are genuine, real, godly men who humbly put others first and come to serve what God is doing in a local congregation. They are worshippers at heart. And they are phenomenal musicians & songwriters! You won’t be disappointed.
I have come to realize that the true talents and abilities of musicians show when they perform live. Listening to Land of Color live in comparison to their recorded tracks shows how incredibly gifted and talented these two are. Their live, raw sound is amazing and glorifies our Lord. There have been a few evenings in my life that I hope to never forget. Last night is one of those rare evenings.
What talent!  Their harmonies were so “spot on” - what an amazing blend of voices!  We also enjoyed their skilled guitar playing, and the messages in their song lyrics were so meaningful.  Best of all though was seeing their love for the Lord!  We had a great time worshiping God with them as well as everyone else who attended!  We feel confident that God will continue to use them in a mighty way, and one day we will look back and remember this house concert when they were just starting to walk down this beautiful path that God was placing before them!